The Souls in Between Novella

The Souls In Between: A Novella is set for release on December 5th, 2016! preorder your ebook copy today on your device!

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Henry was in a horrible motorcycle accident that should have killed him, but he wakes up from the crash to find himself to be fine, or so it seems. When he goes to find help he discovers the world he’s in now is not the same as before the crash. Everything is wrong, the people are violent, and his only hope to survive is Andi, a strange young woman and a teenage boy named Mouse.

Henry died and his soul woke up in a different realm, a purgatory of sorts, and now he and his new friends are going to have to fight to save a girl involved in the crash with him from a thrown down angel named Preacher. If they don’t it could mean a literal Apocalypse and hell back on Earth! When Henry suddenly finds part of himself gilded in the armor of God it gives him hope for survival, and better odds against Preacher, but it also raises serious questions.

Henry’s friends thinks he may be alive back in the mortal realm, and his body may be in bad shape. Will his soul have anything to go back to?

The Souls In Between is the first of a new urban fantasy series by bestselling author B Neil Brown. Set in the Thrown Down world, a place where fallen angels walk the Earth and In-Between realm, where a few brave souls must fight to defeat them.